Columbus, Ohio – It sure doesn’t hurt owning your own 3 pad indoor facility.

Resolute Lacrosse founders Greg Bice and Anthony Kelly are at the cutting edge of lacrosse development in the USA pushing their field program into legit USBOXLA Box training at the Resolute Athletic Complex in Columbus, Ohio. The Resolute Athletic Complex hosted the USBOXLA Midwest Classic on Feb 14th/15th and the Ohio boys flexed their muscles winning 2 out of the 4 divisions in style.

Greg Bice was happy with his club’s performance saying “we’ve been working hard all winter in prep for this event, our boys are really loving legit box and their skills are improving rapidly. We’re also excited at the calibre of teams at this year’s MidWest Classic, everyone here is playing to win.”

1111111111111Twenty-four clubs from the MidWest and East coast entered this year’s MidWest Classic and fans were treated some great Box Lacrosse action. The tournament started with a USBOXLA Referee Certification program where local Ohio USBOXLA Referee in Chief Tim Cave and Denver Referee in Chief Jack Gormley put a group of 12 refs through the 4 hour training session.

“Most of these refs have experience with the game, but we offer continuous training to keep the players safe and the game in line with the USBOXLA Rule and Situational Book,” says Jack Gormley. “It’s important we play by standardized rules because the future of this game needs to based off of high level, national competition.”

“The level of play and officiating has gone up tremendously over the past year here in Columbus, we’re still a few years away from a Whitby versus Orangeville game but we keep attracting great coaches, referees and partners to put these events on and together we’re moving this game forward at light speed” says USBOXLA President Shaydon Santos. “Resolute is a pillar of MidWest Box Lacrosse and will be producing more and more high calibre lacrosse athletes, they will be very tough to beat on the field or in the Box.”11111111111

Fans at the Resolute Athletic Complex were treated to a live DJ over the course of the weekend, a small touch that makes this event so much fun to be a part of. Congratulations to all players of the 2015 USBOXLA MidWest Classic presented by Resolute and its gold medalists:

5/6th grade SOGO
7/8th grade Nati Lax Bros
High School B Resolute
High School A Resolute

The next USBOXLA Sanctioned event is Matt Brown’s LXTC Denver Elite Battle in the Box June 6/7th followed by the USBOXLA Nationals in LA July 31-Aug 2nd.