What an amazing fall it has been. As the season concludes and the holidays are upon us, I want to wish the Resolute Family a Happy Thanksgiving.

Now is a great time to reflect with gratitude for the incredible blessings in our lives. As athletes, I believe this is an important exercise to help prepare for the upcoming season both mentally and physically. A recommendation would be to take an inventory of the people in your life, those who occupy the immediate 20 square feet around you. Who are the people in your life that challenge you and get the most out of you? Who are the people that praise and encourage you? Who are the people that ultimately help shape you into the young men you are today?

This list of influential people is very powerful. You want to be certain that you are investing your time, energy and love in those who impact you the most. Many times we lean away from those who challenge us in different ways because of the adversity it brings, but there is often much growth in these relationships. On the contrary, we also must recognize the “Energy Vampires” surrounding us. Its important to identify those who bring you down or ultimately suck the life out of you because of the energy required to maintain the relationship. You may need to enlist help to determine who these people are in your circle. Moreover, you must commit yourself to avoiding any behavior personally that could classify you as an Energy Vampire.

Although this exercise sounds simple, its very important. I challenge everyone in the Reso family this holiday to take inventory of the 20 square feet surrounding you and those who occupy it. This space, and the people in it, essentially control your everyday. There is no real estate in the world more important than your 20 square feet.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a few additional thoughts so you can prepare yourself for an incredible spring. Eliminate noise – hype around your game, recruiting rankings, other people’s recruiting processes, how good your HS should be, distractions – video games, vampire relationships, drugs, alcohol, and discipline yourself with a solid routine – consistency and structure. Make sure you have accounted for school, loved ones, diet & hydration and regular feedback from those who will speak honestly and not just tell you what you want to hear. Put in the effort and you will see results as you improve as a lacrosse player and develop as a young man.

For those playing winter sports, good luck with your season. And all the very best to you who are dedicating your winter to training at the RAC and preparing for the upcoming season.

Be Resolute,

Nick Myers